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How COVID-19 has affected Digital Marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our economy and the effects of this virus will be felt for years to come. It has already affected industries including the food industry, construction, E-commerce, Real estate, Digital Marketing, and the list goes on.

However, isn’t it the best time to rise up and help each other? Let’s see how Digital Marketing is important for businesses more than ever to stay ahead of their competitors.

The impact on Digital Marketing

According to

  1. 69% of Brands suggested that they would stop or decrease the ad spend this year because they cannot sell their products that are advertised.

  2. Most of the Brands, 74% to be exact, are less active on their social accounts.

According to Neil Patel, who is a top marketer and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, his Ad agency had lost a ton of money during the pandemic. He saw how many businesses pushed away from their digital marketing efforts as a resort to save money and now are suffering the consequences. Industries such as food, healthcare, and media are having to compete more than ever across social media platforms and their degree of online presence directly correlated with their earnings throughout the pandemic.

Bernard Marr, at, says that due to the Covid-19 pandemic more businesses are going to rely on digital marketing in the near future. According to him, Ratnesh Singh who is the head of global business at events technology agency Buzznation says that more and more clients are leaning towards Digital marketing campaigns because of the impact and trends seen throughout the pandemic.

He said, “Clients are turning to Facebook or LinkedIn Live. Often these are platforms they have dabbled with in the past but never fully integrated into their marketing strategy. Now they see value in partnering with companies like us that know how to help them make the most of these channels, to achieve better production values and more targeted campaigns.” (

Why is Digital Marketing more important than ever?

Online Presence makes businesses relevant

Businesses such as supermarkets, online retailers, and even local businesses can make the most of online presences. As more and more Americans are relying on online services due imposed restrictions to combat the covid-19 virus, there has been a dramatic shift in the market that experts say is here to stay. Therefore, more than ever it is imperative to have a strong online presence in order to remain competitive across several niches.

Paid ads are important than ever

Most of the people are in lockdown and there is a rapid increase in traffic on the internet and the advertisers make ad campaigns cheaper.

According to Neil Patel, Return on investment (ROI) from paid ads had increased by 71% after the pandemic. Therefore, this is the best time to get your business out there in the world through Digital Marketing because many businesses have cut marketing efforts as a resort to save money therefore those that have been able to continue or even increase marketing efforts have seen a huge success.

Marketing your payment plans is crucial

Being unable to pay physically, customers opt for online payments. If there are online payment methods whether you are selling E-books, consultation services, or digital courses you can market your payment plans to boost your conversion rates.

Pulling traffic from other countries

The way Covid-19 is being controlled in countries is different from one another. As a result, the economic fluctuations vary as well.

For example, the United States and Italy have more infected people than South Korea. Businesses should consider international SEO now because that way the business doesn’t rely on one country’s economy.

The best way to pivot your content to an international market is to use Digital Marketing because there are no geographical barriers for Digital Marketing. Your local business can be brought out to the world using Digital Marketing now more than ever.


Now is the time to connect with your customers no matter what niche your business is in. Leverage your social media platforms and digital tools to your advantage and listen to your customers needs.

As business owners and marketers, we can make a difference by taking new opportunities to help each other.

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