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5 Key Reasons Why Hiring A Marketing Agency Beats An In-House Team

When it comes to your marketing efforts, finding the balance between return-on-investment (ROI) and originality is important. Although there are a few benefits to maintaining an in-house team, the results and relative affordability of an external marketing agency are undeniable. At the same time, in-house marketing teams can be expensive, burdensome, and less effective than experienced marketing agencies.

Our goal at Marin Marketing Group is to ensure that your business has the most accurate and up-to-date information. We hope you gain valuable insight from the following blog post that will highlight the key benefits of hiring a marketing agency instead of an in-house team.

1. Less Overhead

In layman’s terms, in-house marketing teams are expensive. Not only are you required to provide training, benefits, and software tools, but the recruitment process alone can be incredibly expensive and burdensome.

By outsourcing to an experienced marketing agency, you can cut costs while improving your outreach efforts. As an example of the cost effectiveness of marketing agencies, consider the expenses that are associated with just one graphic designer. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a graphic designer is around $45,000 in the United States. Imagine adding several additional members to your marketing team on top of this salary.

An effective marketing agency will provide comprehensive coverage for all of the positions that comprise a marketing team. As a result, your savings will skyrocket.

2. Clearer Responsibilities

Oftentimes, businesses that have in-house marketing teams are merely assigning collateral duties to existing employees. Here are a few example job titles:

• Lead marketing strategist

• Social media coordinator

• Public affairs representative

• E-mail outreach organizer

• Facebook Ads expert

Unfortunately, teams that assign marketing positions as collaterals are notorious for overwhelming their existing staff. As a result, employees are diverted from focusing on the core competencies of the business. By outsourcing to a marketing agency, your business can avoid the common pitfalls that result from giving your staff too many hats.

3. Expert Guidance

Marketing agencies eat, sleep, and breathe all things marketing. As a result, they gain incredible leverage and knowledge that can help your business grow. Over time, an in-house team loses effectiveness, as they do not have the same network, insider information, and exposure that marketing agencies oftentimes have.

4. Improved Brand Consistency

Employee promotions are an essential part of any business. As a result, your lead social media strategist may not be working on your pages for long. In turn, the consistency of your brand is liable to take a hit, as new team members will try to replicate your former strategist’s style.

By hiring a marketing agency, you can ensure that no matter how high your employees are promoted, your brand image and content will remain consistent. The result is increased exposure, higher quality leads, and more loyal customers and clients.

5. Strategic Planning

All too often, in-house marketing teams face an innate company bias that renders them unable to relate to customers and clients. As a result, marketing campaigns and strategy sessions are oftentimes ineffective.

One of the major benefits that a marketing agency can provide your business with is perspective. Not only will a great marketing agency understand your target market, but they will have a fresh lens through which they can optimize your marketing campaigns.

Closing Remarks

Ultimately, a decision to outsource to a marketing agency could mean substantial growth for your business. The undeniable cost effectiveness, brand consistency, and leverage an effective agency can provide for you is incredibly valuable. At Marin Marketing Group, we pride ourselves on providing affordable and effective marketing solutions for businesses nationwide. If you found our blog post to be helpful, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us via our contact page. Thank you for reading, and we wish you the best of luck with your marketing efforts!

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